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We assist Woodlands & Spring Texas home buyers, property managers, investors, realtors, insurance adjusters, and home inspectors with swimming pool inspection services.

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Our pool & spa reporting is accurate and comprehensive. Used by hundreds of home buyers in The Woodlands each year. We provide swimming pool inspection services to home buyers, insurance agents, home inspectors, and realtors.

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Questions or concerns about a swimming pool in The Woodlands / Spring TX? Call us before you get your feet wet.

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What We Do in The Woodlands

We are striving to become the Spring TX #1 swimming pool inspection agency for both residential and commercial pools & spas. Working along side home buyers, investors, realtors, and home inspectors we take the surprises out of these investments. 

We use national and local standards while leaving no detail behind when we inspect a swimming pool for you.

  • Commercial Pool Inspections
  • Residential Pool Inspections
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Code Compliance Review
  • Cost of Repair Analysis
  • Recommendation of Repairs
  • Safety Compliance Review

Swimming in the Woodlands

Residential & Commercial Pools around The Woodalnds

Chapter 51 of the Montgomery County Code includes the regulations applicable to public and private swimming pools located in Montgomery county Texas.

    • Doors and Windows as Fencing
    • Gate Requirements
    • Fence Requirements
    • Pool Must Be Enclosed by a Barrier
    • Alarm and Other Safety Systems
    • Local Governments Have Their Own Codes
    • Penalties for Violations

The Woodlands Township uses the following swimming pool codes & standards:

    • Standard Swimming Pool Code, 2009 Edition.
    • International Plumbing Code, 2009 Edition, and City Amendments, Chapter 14-282.
    • National Electrical Code, 2014 Edition, and City Amendments, Chapter 14-341.
    • International Residential Building Codes, 2009 Edition, Appendix G.

Woodlands Township Pool & Spa Standards

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Where We Inspect in The Woodlands

We give you local experience that comes from designing, building, and caring for swimming pools around the area. Having local team members of extensive backgrounds in the pool & spa industry – we are your Spring area swimming pool inspectors.

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TXPI Woodlands / Spring

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TXPI in Spring is the Woodlands reliable source for swimming pool inspection services in zip codes: 77380 77381 77382 77386. Having over 20 years experience working with the Woodlands Township.


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